The Welcoming Table

The Welcoming Table is our Wednesday evening fellowship and dinner, where the whole family can come and enjoy an affordable meal together. There is a suggested donation of $5, but no one will go hungry if you cannot contribute. Following dinner, we have a chance to talk about how our faith impacts our lives in a time of informal discussion, but there is no pressure to stay and chat. Each and every person who walks through our doors is welcome!

We believe that ALL means ALL! And ALL includes YOU!

Now, we know you have heard it before, but we are endeavoring to make this a reality here in Oklahoma City. If you, like so many, have been hurt by the circumstances of life, even if that was in the form of church, you are welcome here. Whether or not you have been a believer your entire life, or you don’t know what you believe, or even if you believe, you are welcome here. Whether you are young, old, conservative, liberal, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight, it doesn’t matter because you are a beloved child of God!

First Christian Church of Oklahoma City is a place of unconditional love, a place to come and ask the hard questions of faith in a judgment free zone. “No one is a stranger here, everyone belongs! Finding our forgiveness here, we in turn forgive all wrongs.” There is a seat at the Welcoming Table just for you.