Rev. John Malget

Senior Minister

I am a nerd! A STAR TREK NERD!!! But don’t hold that against me. I grew up just north of here in Perry, so it was wonderful to move home a number of years ago. With a Bachelor of Music Ed from Phillips U, I spent 15 amazing years teaching vocal music in Cushing, OK, while I studied at Phillips Seminary. With my MDiv, and being freshly ordained, I embarked on 9 wonderful years as Associate Pastor at Memorial Drive Christian Church in Houston, TX. I love worship and making music. But most of all, I have a passion for people. We have to find ways to love ourselves, and to love each other. After we start working on that, there is a real need in our world to care for the least, the last, and the lost around us. I want all of us to do that together: me, my wife Sherri, my two kids: Nick and Kristin, and YOU!

Rev. Tom Harrison

Associate Minister

Growing up immersed in Vocal and Instrumental Music, I then studied Art Education at OCU. Next I attended Phillips Seminary, and was ordained. After decades of creative pastoral ministry in Oklahoma and Texas, I studied to increase my knowledge of computers.  I’m still artistically inclined, enjoying visual art, music, writing and other creative expressions. My wife, Raylene, and I have six children and twice that many grandchildren, so there is seldom a dull moment. Being at Disciples First has been a dream come true for us, and it’s hard to imagine a better church home.


Carol McDonald

Children’s Ministry and Administrative Assistant

Carol McDonald wears many hats here at FCC. She is the receptionist where she greets you with a smile. She is the Administrative Assistant who works to make sure the office is organized and running smoothly. She is the Children’s Program Coordinator where she uses her heart for children to teach the love of Christ. Outside of FCC, Carol is a mother of 5 grown children and grandmother to 4 grandsons and 1 granddaughter. By day she is a receptionist/administrative assistant/children’s program coordinator and by night she is an actress/crew member/stage manager for the Jewel Box Theatre. Carol’s motto for living is simple: Be kind. Always be kind. Come by the church office sometime and say hello!



Josie Wally

Building Manager

Josie Walley takes care of all of our custodial needs here at Disciples First. From making coffee, to preparing communion, to mowing the lawns and cleaning the bathrooms, to moving props and sweeping the stage for Jewel Box Theatre, and everything in between. If we need it done, Josie can handle it. At home Josie and her partner, Mariah, are moms to three rambunctious cats – Courage, Rizzo, and Mater, and one fluffy little Maltipoo dog named Sassy. When not working for us she works as a spot operator and set constructor for Lyric Theatre. Josie’s servant’s heart makes her a valued member of our team!



Derek Kenney

Jewel Box Theatre Production Manager

Derek Kenney is happy to be joining the staff here alongside such amazing friends. He is a graduate from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BFA in Theatre Performance and has a passion for all things theatre. He uses this love of his to guide him as he runs the historic Jewel Box stage. He is an accomplished actor, writer, director, producer, and is an overall fan of the art form, admiring the works of Shakespeare, Beckett, Miller, O’Neal, among others. Derek also loves movies, nerding out by rating and ranking all of his favorites each year. That has also transitioned into his involvement with the budding film industry here in OKC. Derek also enjoys sports, food, theology, and Batman. As you can see, he is a man of many interests but only a select few talents. One of those talents is writing bios. Derek looks forward to helping continue the various honored traditions here at JBT, as well as continuing to do what he loves for this church he wholly respects and admires.

Official Church Board

Our Church Board consists of Raylene Harrison (Chairperson), Wanda Fisher (Vice Chair and Secretary), Allen Johnson (Church Treasurer), Julianne Annesley, Teresa Giddings, John Hornbeck, and Rev. John Malget (Senior Minister). The Board meets monthly.

Disciples First Christian Church of OKC, 321 N.W. 36th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73118. Telephone: (405) 525-6551