Sunday Mornings

Whether you are a lifelong believer, have a few questions, or are somewhere in between, you are welcome at First Christian Church. The environment on Sundays is casual and accessible. Make yourself comfortable. Some people wear shorts or jeans and t-shirts while others wear dress clothes. Just come in what is comfortable for you. God doesn’t need you to change your clothes and hair to come to worship. God accepts you as you are and so do we.

As a first-time guest, we invite you to come by the Welcome Center located in the lobby to receive a small gift just for you. If you need help finding something in the building, simply ask someone, they will be happy to assist you.

We know your life is busy, so worship will last only about an hour. Our worship atmosphere is accessible and positive, whether it is your first visit to a church ever or just your first visit in a while. Worship begins at 10:30 am. Join us 15-30 minutes ahead for a snack and some coffee. Pre-worship music begins at 10:15 am, so bring your snacks, coffee, etc. into the chapel and join us as we prepare to worship.

We accept everyone at First Christian, where you are, as you are. We are called to “Love ALL the People!” We are small in number, but mighty in service. We choose not to be a congregation for one particular segment of the community, but someplace welcoming to everyone. We want to be a cross-section of the Oklahoma City area, journeying together as friends, discovering what it means to follow Jesus. Welcome to judgement-free faith.

At First Christian, we strive to not exclude, pressure, or coerce you. You can take the next steps in faith, ask the questions you’d like, and move at your own pace with God. You are welcome here!